Better Homes, Better Electronics

Sadly, most electronics today are considered a luxury. The prevailing thought seems to be that since you can do without them, you should. Anyone with a career and a family will tell you this is utterly ridiculous. To do without your cell phone in today’s environment will leave you deaf, blind, and mute. Although electronic gadgets are not strictly necessary, they do make a busy, stressful life much, much easier. This article will list five “luxury” electronics that everybody should have to make their lives easier.

5. Air Purifier
This may seem like a luxury, but it has important health benefits. Smoke, from cigarettes or last night’s failed dinner), allergens from pet put and dander, and bacteria from garbage (that you really meant to take out yesterday) all get filtered out of the air your family breathes. Without it, all those particles circulate endlessly in your house, where they can affect the respiratory health of your children, especially young ones. Just as important, however, is the relaxing effect of being able to come home to a house that doesn’t smell like a zoo or a landfill.

4. MP3 Player
MP3 players have the reputation for playing music and only music. This is no longer the case. In the 21st century, MP3 players have become essential for busy people on the go to keep up with national and global news. Most MP3 players have radio tuners as well, and allow you to keep up with podcasts of your favorite news shows that you normally wouldn’t have time to watch or listen to. Finally, of course, there is the luxury aspect of being able to relax and de-stress with your favorite music any time, any place, in any way. You don’t have to buy a $500 iPod. You can buy a small iPod for $150, and non-Apple MP3 Player for less than $100.

3. Digital Camera
If you haven’t got a digital camera yet, get one today. Not only is printing photos at home much cheaper than paying for film and developing, but no longer having to run to the drug store or photo shop is one less task on your to-do list during your busy, hectic day. Not only do you not have to worry about wasting film, but you know instantly if your photograph came out right-so take all the pictures you want! Sure, some digital cameras can run into the thousands of dollars, but you can also find a perfectly good digital camera for less than $100.

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