Plastic Surgery – Is It Safe?

The popularity of plastic surgery in Los Angeles is increasing. As a plastic surgeon, I am frequently asked by my patients whether plastic surgery is 100 % safe.

No surgeon can guarantee 100% safety. Many things that we do in life carry a possible risk of complications. For example, there is a risk of injury when driving cars, flying on airplanes, skiing etc. However, there are effective ways to minimize the risk of plastic surgery complications.

First of all, it is important to know that your surgeon is a true plastic surgeon. Not every physician who performs plastic surgery has completed a plastic surgery residency. Your surgeon should perform the procedure you desire on at least a weekly basis. Your surgeon should be willing to show you before and after pictures of his patients. The more pictures you can see the better. You should have an opportunity to talk to other patients of your surgeon.

Where surgical procedures are performed is a very important safety factor. Of course, having surgery in a hospital provides the safest possible environment. In addition, patients should also have an opportunity to spend the night after surgery in the hospital. This is a particularly good option for patient who live further away or undergo combined surgical procedures. The next day, the surgeon would visit his patients in their room before they are discharged home. Many plastic surgeons perform surgical procedures at surgical centers. Surgical centers that have proper state or national accreditation also provide safe environment to perform outpatient plastic surgery.

It is important to assure that patients do not have any serious medical conditions prior to undergoing plastic surgery. Many surgeons would refer any patient who is over 45 years of age or has medical problems to be evaluated by their primary care physician or a cardiologist prior to surgery. The goal is to provide every patient with a plastic surgery procedure that is effective and safe.

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