Discover the Secret to Healthy and Beautiful Feet – Gel Socks

If this is your first time to hear about gel socks, read on because they may be the solution you’ve been looking for in a long time. Gel socks are medicated and used for two purposes: for beauty and for health. They contain a special kind of gel (hence the name) that can help soothe tired and aching feet, get rid of calluses, or help promote well-being.

Some of the terms commonly interchanged with gel socks are “moisturizing socks,” “spa socks,” and “sleep socks.”

Depending on what these socks intend to accomplish, there are different directions that the wearer must abide by to maximize their effectiveness. For instance, some of these foot coverings are meant to get rid of foot calluses should be worn overnight to make sure you maximize their performance. Also, depending on their function, gel socks can come in different colors and styles. For instance, some of them that target the cracks on the heel area usually come with no toes.

Moisturizing gel socks are used for beauty purposes. The gel contains Vitamin E, essential oils, antioxidants, and other minerals that help solve the following problem areas: skin discoloration, rough spots, calluses, and dry skin. Aside from that, these socks also have the ability to contain moisture, thereby hydrating and softening the skin.

Different brands have different directions of use, but most of them would require the wearer to use the socks overnight at most three times per week.

Therapy socks, on the other hand, are intended to cure certain kinds of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and other skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. For instance, therapy socks for diabetic patients are ergonomically designed not only to provide patients with utmost comfort but also to help prevent them from developing ulcers. When diabetics are not careful, these ulcers may turn into open and complicated wounds.

Depending on the brand, therapy gel socks can be reused a couple of times. And they can be worn overnight. They can also be washed and dried without losing their effectiveness. And since these socks are made from a special kind of material (usually Spandex), rest assured that they do not attract mold and bacterial growth.

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