Apartment Hunting Advice and Safety Tips For Teens Who Are Going Off to College

If your child is leaving the nest here are some tips for finding adequate housing for them. I also included safety tips for young women at the end of the list.

As far as finding housing there are numerous ways to find it. Check out campus dorms. If your child is a quiet individual, or needs quiet to concentrate, make sure they get a roommate that is quiet. Also have them be on a floor where there are few rowdy kids. If they desire off campus housing they can look for a roommate and/or an apartment/guest apartment or guesthouse in the campus newspaper, the local newspaper, on the campus news board, or on Craig’s list. Or they can just drive around and look for vacancy signs in desired areas. Once they have a list of places they wish to look at they should check them out thoroughly.

Here is a Check List:
1. How safe is the neighborhood? Drive around the https://cacavazamentosspmais.com.br/ area during the day and evening. Typically second floor apartments have less break-ins. So consider that.

2. How is the parking situation? Will they have a parking spot near their apartment, or underneath in the garage, or off the street? Is there adequate lighting around to get to their door safety. That is important.

3. Once in the apartment make sure the installation is sound. Have someone stand outside a window and talk. Can the person inside hear the other person like they were next to them? If noisy people keep walking past a window this can be irritating. Are there noisy businesses nearby (bars, construction companies, businesses that have loud generators…)?

4. Is the front door secure? Make sure there are no cracks around door frame. Are the windows secure? Do they have latches? Screens? Make sure screens and glass are not broken or cracked. If they are make sure they are fixed BEFORE move in time. This applies to anything that needs to be fixed. Have rental contact specify repairs that are to be done before moving in. Unfortunately there are managers, even guest house owners, who are lazy about repairs. They give excuses like, “The other tenants did not care.” However, in reality maybe they did mind, but they got tried of asking the management/owner to repair it.

5. Check out the carpet. Does it have spots? Will it be cleaned? (And think, why was it not already?)

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